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Two Wings and a Star

The Life and Times of Sheriff Chester Baudoin
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My Story

Mr. Chet Wallace was born into a diverse artistic background in Morgan City, Louisiana in 1971. His mother was an accomplished dancer and his father an artist. He always had a love of history and put this passion to use by publishing his first book in 2018 called Stories of the Winecoff Fire: A Dedication to the Memory of the 119 which is about the worst hotel fire in United States history that occurred in Atlanta in 1946. Atlanta was where Chet Wallace called home for many years. His second book, Two Wings and a Star: The Life and Times of Sheriff Chester Baudoin, is about his grandfather, who was a World War II pilot and a sheriff in Louisiana for twenty years. He has also written numerous historical articles for different publications. Mr. Wallace is also an accomplished pianist, music teacher and composer and lives in Ft. Myers, Florida now. Mr. Wallace lived in the Atlanta area from 2002 to 2020 and has written extensively about Atlanta history.  He moved to Ft. Myers in early 2020 to be near his parents. Mr. Wallace currently works as a historian at the Edison/Ford Winter Estates in Ft. Myers and has volunteered in the past for the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta and, more recently, at the Koreshan State Historical Site in Estero, Florida as a volunteer curator. Mr. Wallace is attending the last year of his American Studies master’s program online at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. 

My Books

Two Wings and a Star

Stories of the Winecoff Fire

My Books

Chet Wallace proves himself to be a compelling author. His love of history and storytelling shines through in every paragraph.

Dr. Cindy Banyai,

Department of Political Science, FGCU


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